On the Fly
Markstein Lab | Alumni


Research Alumni

Samantha Dettorre
Lab Manager & Technician, 2012-2015
B.S. Biology, UMass 2007
Now teaching science at Grafton Middle School


Hannah Dayton
Postbaccalaureate Student, 2015-2016
B.S., Microbiology (CHC), 2015
Now a Ph.D. student at Columbia University

Kelly Becker, M.S.
Applied Molecular Biology Program
2016 – 2017
Now a
Senior Research Associate at Rubius Therapeutics, Boston MA

Aurelia Saftien
Visiting Life Sciences Masters student from University of Konstanz, 2017-2018
B.S. Life Science from the University of Konstanz, Germany, 2016
Now continuing Masters thesis at Harvard Medical School

Jon DiRusso
Lab Manager 2015-2018
Postbaccalaureate Student, 2017-2018
B.S., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (CHC) 2017
Now a Research Associate at Harvard Medical School

Olivia Williamson
MCB Ph.D. Student, 2017-2018
B.S. Biology, Union College  2015

Kit Kolbert
Postbaccalaureate, 2017-2018
B.S. Biology, UMass 2017

Undergraduate Alumni


Camille Godbout-Chouinard
B.S. Mathematics & Statistics, 2018

Rachel Brody
B.S. Biology, 2018
Now a Gilman International Scholar working on bioinformatics in Tel Aviv

Marc Hammond
Undergraduate Honors Thesis, 2012-2014
2014 B.S., Biology (CHC)
Now a Medical Student at University of Vermont College of Medicine

Victoria Lu
Undergraduate Honors Thesis, 2013-2014
B.S., Chemistry (CHC), 2014
Now a Medical Student at New York Institute of Technology

Haley Etskovitz
Undergraduate Honors Thesis, 2013-2014
B.S., Biology, iCONS program, 2014
Now a Medical Student at the University of New England School of Osteopathic Medicine

David LaFosse
B.S., Biology 2013
Now at National Institute of Genetics in Japan

David Miao
Undergraduate Honors Thesis, 2014-2015
B.S., Biology, Amherst College, 2015
Now a Research Associate at Duke University


Hannah Dayton
Undergraduate Honors Thesis, 2012-2015
B.S., Microbiology (CHC), 2015
Now a Ph.D. student at Columbia University


Matthew Johnson
Undergraduate Honors Thesis, 2013-2016
Biochemistry Major (CHC), 2016
Now a scientist at MilliporeSigma Virology Department

Elefteria Puka
Honors Thesis, 2013-2016
Biology Major (CHC), 2016
Now a Medical Assistant at Mass Eye and Ear, Boston MA


Gabby Crosby
Biology Major (CHC), 2017

Joey Johnson
Honors Thesis, 2013-2015
Biology (CHC), 2015

Franco Palacios
Biology, 2017

Emily Ishak
Biochemstry Major (2020)

Tetsu Zhao
Honors Thesis, 2017-2018
Biochemistry Major (CHC), 2018

Courtney Leonard
B.S. Biology, 2018
Now a Clinical Research Coordinator at Massachusetts General Hospital

Gabi Smith-Rosario
B.A. Mathematics & Music, Amherst College, 2018

Aiyang Wang
B.S. Biology, B.A. Philosophy

David Sklodowska
B.S. Biochemistry Major, 2019

Liz Hosage
B.S. Biochemistry Major, 2019

Jenny Chen
B.S. Microbiology, 2021

Maria Alkurdi
B.S. Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Psychology, 2020

Kit Kolbert
B.S. Biology, 2017