On the Fly
Markstein Lab | Technology


We are passionate about technology. We have created tools to measure stem cell number, position effects on transcription, and bioinformatics. We welcome innovation and creativity.




Epigenetics Sensors

We are have developed tools to quantify position effects, DNA insulators and transvection. This is described in Nature Genetics 2008.


As a graduate student in the laboratory of Michael Levine I developed algorithm to study enhancers. This was in collaboration with my parents Peter and Vicky Markstein, who continue to work with me. We recently entered software into OSSI and received honorable mention. See current software here.


Chemical Screening

We developed technology to enable whole animal screens using the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster to identify drugs that impact stem cell tumors. Read our recent paper in PNAS.

Tumor Models

We create tumor models by manipulating gene expression in the stem cells of the Drosophila intestine. See our recent review about the system. We are interested in refining Gal4.